Fully autonomous drone landing and charging

Drone Ready is a cutting-edge Drone Guidance System, with an innovative landing pad that provides secure charging.

the most precise drone landing

Drone Ready has the most precise drone landing and autonomous charging solution which can be coordinated on a large scale and used with any drone.

Drone Ready Can help to:


Automated and tracked high speed drone delivery systems

Prevent wildfires

Remotely stationed drones used to detect and prevet wildfire

Detect poachers

Autonomous drones used to detect poachers accross vast areas

Againts illegal logging

Automated detecting and alerting againts illegal logging in large areas


Research in remote, expansive and inaccessible areas

AID Delivery

Delivery of medical and other aid to cut off, remote or dangerous areas

the most precise drone landing

Using Drone Ready, you set a task, and we manage the rest, from charging to data transfer

Drone Ready will become the standard for remote drone landing and charing pads

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Drone Ready pays $0.70 royalty on the ILOCX

ILOCX is pleased to confirm the payment in full by Drone Ready to all current and qualified license holders on the ILOCX a first year royalty of $0.70 per license.

Drone Ready

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