A world first for
drone guidance.

Drone Ready is a cutting-edge Drone Guidance System, with an innovative landing pad that provides secure drone storage and charging.

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Drone Ready combines hardware and software solutions to deliver smart drone landing guidance.

We have demonstrated that drones can land completely autonomously on a landing pad the size of an A3 piece of paper, in winds of up to 20mph. This is at least a 2x smaller landing area than our competition.

This is achieved by using an electromagnetic capturing system, then a physical tether to charge and store the drone.

Most of our technology is integrated into our landing pad,
which offers:


Wireless Charging


Smart Landing Guidance


Secure Drone Storage


Compatability With Most Drones

Charging Technology

Drone Ready’s charging technology knows the exact positioning of the drone device, thanks to our lock. This allows us to target wireless charging coils, which can be easily integrated and retrofitted into the majority of high-end drones currently on the market.

Drone Ready is already in collaboration with major drone manufacturers to push for the standardisation of wireless charging technology and capture systems.

This is especially important as the market moves further towards the commercialisation of drone technology.


Our Integrations

Drone technology is already starting to have a huge impact on safety, logistics, law enforcement and emergency response. This will only grow in the future.

The Drone Ready integrated tech does everything a drone is missing to complete in field missions; from checking remote installations, to aid first responders in disaster situations. Deployment of large scale drones doing vital work is here.


Drone Ready’s first integration will be with Conflow Powers Smart Lighting project. Drone Ready will install their first product, the “micro land, capture and charge pad” on top of the Smart Street Light, benefitting from it’s widespread infrastructure, built-in power, and smart monitoring systems.

Conflow’s Smart Street Light is fitted with 360° cameras, direct links to law enforcement, advanced optical recognition, communications, and an active intelligence monitoring hub. Furthermore, Conflow’s Street Lights generate enough power to allow for drone charging.


Drone Ready will become the standard for drone landing and charging pads.

Learn more about our Initial License Offering.


Our Partnerships

Conflow Power

Drone Ready’s highly qualified team consists of ex-employees from large manufacturing, electrical and aero companies. They have formed a partnership with Conflow Power, which will leverage their infrastructure and technology, allowing for incredibly secure drone landing, storage, and monitoring.


Drone Ready technology links to Conflow’s intelligence hub, BatteryWare. BatteryWare is an AI-driven testing device which conducts field monitoring, and real-time data analysis. Here it will undertake vital diagnostics, allow for mass data retrieval, storage, as well as data transmission upon landing.

4D Vision Light

In collaboration with 4D and Conflow Power, Drone Ready allows the drone to be lowered into a secure housing on the street light, where it’s protected from bad weather conditions. The housing assists with stable landing and recharge, where the drone will await further instruction - “Drone Ready”.